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The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism - K.A. Yoshida, Naoki Higashida, David Mitchell Written by Naoki Higashida at the age of 13, this slim book uses a question and answer format in which the author provides previously unshared insight into the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the autistic. Popular among carers for autistic children in Japan, The Reason I Jump caught the attention of British author David Mitchell and his wife KA Yoshida, who translated it for an English-speaking audience.

You can find my full review here. From David Mitchell's introduction and from the response of the community, my understanding is that The Reason I Jump is nothing short of a miraculous offering for parents and others who care for autistic children. If you fall into this category or if you have an autistic in your life at all, the couple of hours it will take to read this slim volume is a small investment in better understanding these individuals who struggle to break through an unseen barrier that separates them from others.